3 Questions to Ask a Home Seller Before Making an Offer

Searching for the perfect home in the Southwest Twin Cities Metro can be a challenging process, so when you finally find the house that checks all your boxes, it can be tempting to make an offer right away. But don’t let your excitement get the best of you. Asking the home seller the right questions can help you save money and may even lead to the discovery of hidden problems with the home. Here are a few questions that you should always ask a seller before making an offer.


The Best Questions to Ask a Seller Before Making Your Offer

1. “When did you place this house on the market?”

The amount of time that a house has been available for purchase should affect how much you offer for it. If a home has only been on the market for three days, don’t expect the seller to accept a low offer. However, if the house has been listed for sale for several weeks, it’s likely that the seller is eager to close and will be willing to negotiate. Be wary of houses that have been on the market for too long. They might have hidden problems or the seller may be the type who refuses to make a deal.

2. “What did you pay for this home?”

Housing prices in the Southwest Metro have increased significantly over the past several years, and the area is a strong seller’s market. As a result, local sellers will almost certainly be listing their houses for much higher prices than they paid for them. However, learning the original price of the home can help you and your realtor to determine whether the seller’s asking price is reasonable or if they’re demanding an exorbitant price. If the seller seems to be asking more than the house is worth and isn’t willing to negotiate, keep looking.

3. “Are there any problems with this home?”

Even the best houses in the Southwest Twin Cities are bound to have something wrong with them. It could be a pest infestation, a damaged roof, a faulty furnace or any myriad of other issues. If a seller adamantly denies that anything is wrong with the house, they may be hiding something. On the other hand, a seller who is forthcoming about any issues or, better still, tells you how they’ve already taken measures to correct them, is one you can probably trust to be transparent in negotiations. To be on the safe side, you should always schedule a home inspection before you make an offer. The inspection might uncover hidden issues which the seller didn’t even know about and which you’ll want fixed before buying the home.


Find the Right SW Twin Cities Home With a Trusted Realtor

When you work with a reliable local real estate agent during your home search, they can advise you on how to phrase these types of questions to sellers and how much to offer. Get in touch with the Nydahl Group today to begin searching for your new home in the Southwest Twin Cities Metro!

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