3 Things You Should Decide Before Searching for a Home in the Southwest Twin Cities

When the time comes to buy a new home, there are a lot of things that need to be done. In fact, there are some things that should be taken care of before you even begin searching for a home. The first thing you need to decide, of course, is what area you want to move to, which will likely be dictated by where you work and other obligations.

If you’ve decided that you’d like to purchase a home in the Southwest Metro of the Twin Cities, that’s a good start but there’s still more that needs to be determined. Keep reading to learn what else you need to figure out before you start touring homes on the market.


What to Determine Before a Home Search

  1. What are your wants and what are your needs? You could probably write an entire novel about everything you hope to have in your dream house. The reality is that you’re unlikely to find a home that satisfies all of your wants, so it’s wise to start by separating your wants from your needs. Needs are things like the number of bedrooms and close proximity to your workplace. Wants are things like a big kitchen and a swimming pool. Your list of needs will be much shorter and it should be possible to find a home in the Southwest Twin Cities that meets all your needs; and hopefully, a fair number of your wants as well.
  2. How do I want to pay for my new home? Buying a home is very expensive. While you won’t have to pay for the whole thing upfront, you will need to make a down payment, which is usually 20% of the asking price or more. So if you’re buying a house in the Southwest Metro that costs $500,000, expect to put at least $100,000 down. Then there are the closing costs, realtor’s fee, and legal fees, not to mention the monthly mortgage. Figuring out how you’re going to cover all of these expenses in advance will prevent a lot of headaches farther down the road. You should begin researching local mortgage lenders as soon as possible to find out who will give you the best loan.
  3. Who will your realtor be? One of the most important steps in preparing to buy a house is hiring the right real estate agent to help you out. Realtors are experts on the housing market in the Southwest Twin Cities Metro and can make your home search much easier. When you work with a good local realtor, they’ll be able to help you find a house that suits all of your needs and negotiate with the buyer’s agent once you’re ready to make an offer. Your realtor will be by your side from the first showing to the final purchase, and they can answer all questions and offer any assistance you need along the way.


The Best Realtors in the SW Twin Cities

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