Best Months to Buy & Sell Homes in Southwest Metro MN

There are many factors that can have a huge impact on how quickly a home sells, and for how much money. There are the obvious ones – size, location, upkeep – but others you might not think of immediately. What time of year a home goes on the market can have a tremendous impact on the sale. Depending on which month your Southwest Twin Cities home is listed, you might be bombarded with offers or you might go weeks without a single offer.

Do you want to know what months are best for selling your home in the Southwest Metro, and what months are best for buying a new home in the area? Keep reading to learn when the housing market is busiest.


Best Months to Sell

It’s a fact: people like to move when it’s warm outside. Because of this, May is the best month to sell your home in the Southwest Twin Cities. With the snow newly melted and spring having arrived in full, May is the month when everyone moving to the area is scrambling to find a new home. When you sell your home in May, you can expect a bidding war from buyers that will likely allow you to sell for a significant profit.

If you’re not keen on selling your home at the absolute busiest time of year, you can try to beat the rush with an April sale or wait until the housing market gets a little less hectic in June. Both months should still provide you with plenty of interested parties and a fast, profitable sale. Just don’t wait too long; homes begin selling more slowly and for lower prices in late summer, and that trend continues all the way until next spring.


Best Months to Buy

If you want to buy a home in the Southwest Twin Cities Metro and you have flexibility for when you move, you should aim to buy in July, August or September. When you’d like a lot of options but you don’t want to break the bank, these three months are when you want to buy. Late summer creates ideal conditions for buyers because the competition for homes on the market thins out but there are still a large number of homes for sale.

Avoid buying in April through June if you don’t want to pay an exorbitant amount for a new house. You should also avoid trying to buy a home in winter for a very different reason: there are very few houses on the market. Besides, moving during the winter in Minnesota can be a pretty miserable experience.


We Can Help You Sell or Buy a Home at the Perfect Time

Local real estate agents have in-depth knowledge of what times of year are best for buying homes, and which are best for selling. Connect with the Nydahl Group today if you’d like us to serve as your realtors in the Southwest Twin Cities market!

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