Selling Your Home in the Southwest Twin Cities? 4 Ways a Realtor Can Help

If you’ve got a home you’d like to sell in the Southwest Twin Cities Metro, you’re in luck! The Southwest Metro is currently a hot seller’s market, and cities like Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Chaska and Excelsior are considered highly desirable places to live.

But even in a market where home sellers are sure to get lots of offers, selling a home is a time-consuming, multi-step process that is most easily managed with the aid of a trusted real estate agent. Here are just a few ways that a local realtor can help you sell your home in the Southwest Twin Cities.

How a Twin Cities Realtor Can Help You Sell Your Home

  1. They Can Secure a Better Sale Price – Some home sellers are hesitant to work with a realtor because they think they’ll get more money selling on their own; they couldn’t be more wrong. While studies vary on how much more a home marketed by a professional realtor will sell for, the data consistently shows that owners who worked with a realtor sold their homes for a higher profit than “for-sale by owner” (FSBO) homes. Between their extensive knowledge of the housing market and their honed skill with negotiation, real estate agents will be able to sell your home in the Southwest Twin Cities for much more money than you’d make on your own.
  2. They’ll Attract More Buyers – One of the best parts of working with a realtor in the Southwest Metro is that they can give your home much better exposure. Realtors know how to create the most appealing professional listings for your home to catch the eyes of as many prospective buyers as possible. They can also use their industry connections to quickly find buyers looking for a home in the Southwest Metro and bring them in for showings. Most importantly, a real estate agent will list your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is the first place buyer’s agents will go when trying to find a home for their client.
  3. They Know the Market, Inside and Out – A professional realtor operating in the Southwest Twin Cities Metro will have an intimate understanding of the local housing market. They’ll have access to all kinds of useful data like historic sales prices in your neighborhood and current asking prices of other houses on the market in your city. Real estate agents will also be able to advise you on such things as when your home should be listed, how long it’ll probably take to sell and what strategy works when the market is slow. This deeper understanding of the local housing market is what you’re paying them for, and you’ll find them well worth their commission.
  4. They’ll Take Care of Everything for You – Lots of work goes into getting your house sold. Listings need to be made, the house needs to be kept clean and staged, buyers need to be brought in for tours and open houses – it can all be very overwhelming without a professional realtor to manage it all for you. The process only gets tougher when you start getting offers. There’s a ton of paperwork involved, and a real estate agent can take care of most of it for you, all while making sure you don’t wind up getting swindled by a sketchy buyer.


Our Realtors Can Sell Your Home for the Best Price

If you’ve been looking for a real estate group who knows the market, has connections to reputable buyers, can take care of the whole process for you, and will secure a great price for your home, you’ve found us! Call the Nydahl Group today if you’d like our help to sell your home in the Southwest Twin Cities Metro!

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