5 Top Tips When Buying a Home in the Southwest Twin Cities Metro

If you’re interested in purchasing a new home in the Twin Cities, the Southwest metro is a great place to look. Cities like Eden Prairie, Chaska, Chanhassen and Shakopee are ideally located and have many great houses available. The Southwest metro offers a more rural living environment than most other areas of the Twin Cities while still being within convenient driving distance of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

When looking at houses in the Southwest metro, here are a few important things to consider that will help you buy the perfect home.


Tips For Home Purchase in the Southwest Metro

  1. Plan Your Budget – First thing’s first; you need to determine what you can afford. The average cost of a house in Minnesota is a little over $320,000 and rising steadily, with a 12.9% increase during the past year. By contrast, homes in the Southwest Twin Cities metro tend to be somewhat more expensive. The average home in Eden Prairie costs about $458,000 while Chanhassen’s average home price is $503,000. When making a budget in preparation for a home purchase, plan for a down payment of at least 20% of the home’s value, closing costs of up to an additional 5% of the home’s price, and monthly mortgage payments. You should review mortgage loans that will work the best for you and get pre-approved for one before placing an offer on a house.
  2. Pick the Right Neighborhood – There are many great neighborhoods in the Southwest metro, but which one appeals the most to you will probably depend on your needs. If you’re a parent, having access to a high-rated school district might be a necessity. The Eden Prairie School District is one of the top-rated in Minnesota, and there are many other acclaimed public and private schools in the Southwest metro. Close proximity to good shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, parks and entertainment venues may also be something you need. Fortunately, with great shopping malls like Eden Prairie Center and walking areas like the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, the Southwest metro has many options available.
  3. Consider the Space – When looking at homes to buy, it’s important to consider how much space you’ll need, both outside and inside. Do you want a big enough yard for your kids and dogs to play in? Do you want to have one or more guest bedrooms? Do you want to have at least three bathrooms? These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself before you begin looking at houses. A house that’s too small may feel cramped while a house that’s too big might feel distinctly uncozy. The Southwest Twin Cities metro has a nice mix of smaller and larger homes, so there should be plenty of options available to suit your needs.
  4. Check Out Downtown – Many of the cities in the Southwest Twin Cities metro have their own downtown areas, including Chaska and Shakopee. While Minneapolis and St. Paul are just a short drive away, it’s nice to get acquainted with the unique culture and style of the city you’ll be living in to make sure it’s a good fit. Before looking at houses in a city, you should take a tour of what it has to offer. Eat at a local restaurant, walk at a local park, maybe even talk to a few locals about how they like living there. If a city makes you feel at home, it’s the right place to live.
  5. Trust Your Realtor – Working with a local realtor will streamline the home buying process and ensure that the home you choose is the best option for you. If you want to find your dream home in the Southwest Twin Cities metro, one of the talented real estate agents from the Nydahl Group can be an invaluable asset to your home search. We know every city in the area and we can help you find the right house, negotiate a good price and assist you with any other services related to buying a house.


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