Types of Homes to Buy in Southwest Twin Cities Metro Area

When you decide to make the move to the Southwest Twin Cities metro, you’ll have a large variety of houses to choose from. Which house you buy may be decided based on such things as commute time, outdoor space and access to a preferred school district. However, you may also have a particular type of home that you want to live in.

If you are picky about the style of your new house, you’re in luck; wonderful homes in all different styles are available throughout the Southwest metro. Keep reading to learn more about a couple of the most common types of houses found in the Twin Cities area!


Popular Types of Homes in the Southwest Twin Cities

  • Modern Farmhouse – The modern farmhouse design is one of the most popular house styles nationwide, and Minnesota is no exception. A modern farmhouse is designed to be an appealing mix of new and old, equal parts rustic build, with salvaged woods and metals, and modern design, with contemporary amenities and a color scheme that is neutral, often placing heavy emphasis on black and white. Modern farmhouses may be either one or two stories and contain a lot of open space, with a focus on homey warmth. If you’re looking for a home in the Southwest metro that will fit a large family comfortably, a modern farmhouse might be the right type of home for you.
  • Mid-Century Modern Ranch – One of the most common types of homes in the Southwest Twin Cities area, mid-century modern ranch homes tend to be long, low single-story or split-level houses. Mid-century modern ranch houses rose to prominence during the mid-20th Century, with an appealing design style that takes cues from a variety of older house styles such as American Craftsman and Spanish Colonial. With open floor plans, an abundance of windows and a design that is simple but striking, it’s not hard to see why mid-century modern ranch homes achieved such popularity. If you’re interested in a mid-sized home with lots of natural lighting, a mid-century modern ranch house might be ideal for you.
  • Custom-Built – Maybe you like the aesthetic of a modern farmhouse but it’s just too much open space. Maybe you enjoy the floorplan of a mid-century modern ranch but you want something more avant garde. So why not make your own house that combines the best elements of many different styles? If you want to have your own home custom-built in the Southwest Twin Cities, there are many local builders that you can work with. Even if you don’t want to invest the time and money to have a home custom-built from the ground up, you can move into a custom home that someone else has already built which incorporates design cues from many different home styles.


Want to Buy a House of a Particular Style?

If you’d like to purchase a specific type of house in the Southwest metro, recruit help from a team of realtors who know the local market inside and out. Reach out to the Nydahl Group today for expert assistance with buying your dream home in the Southwest Twin Cities metro!

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